Meet The Fleet

Silver Gate Junior Sailing is very proud of its fleet of boats. Our adult member volunteers work hard to keep the fleet in top condition so that the kids have a trouble-free time on the water.

We offer a variety of boats for the kids to explore including the very popular O’Pen Skiff (formally known as the O’Pen BIC) and our new RS Fevas. We were the first club junior program in San Diego to offer the O’Pen Bic 5 years ago and now are the first with the exciting RS Feva.

Following is a detailed look at our fleet…

O’Pen Skiff

LOA 9’-0”
Beam 3’-9”
Hull wt. 99 pounds
Sail area: 35 sq. ft.

The O’Pen Skiff (formerly O’Pen BIC) is an exciting new single handed boat designed for young sailors looking for an exciting step up from a Sabot or Optimist pram trainer. The Bic hull is a self-bailing design with a centerboard. The hull construction is roto-molded plastic and the mast is a fiberglass/epoxy composite. The Bic is very responsive, easy to accelerate and quick to right after capsize.

Check out these fun videos of the O’Pen Bic in action…..

Ever seen an UN-regatta? Here’s how Bic has fun on the race course!

And here’s one showing how simple and responsive the O’Pen Bic is

Naples Sabot

LOA 8’-0”
Beam 4’-0”
Hull wt. 95 pounds
Sail area: 38 sq. ft.

The Naples Sabot is an 8-foot long, one-person sailing dinghy that has been the sailing trainer of choice in Southern California for over 60 years. The Naples Sabot utilizes a leeboard for directional stability (as opposed to a centerboard). The boat hulls are built of fiberglass with internal floatation.

RS Feva

LOA 12’-0”
Beam 4’-8”
Hull wt. 139 pounds
Sail area: 90 sq. ft.

New to our fleet in 2018. The Feva is an exciting double handed boat designed in a modern ‘sport boat’ style. She has a self-bailing cockpit and built-in floatation. The Feva has a comfortable cockpit for cruising or aggressive sailing. She’s equipped with an asymmetrical spinnaker with a very clever and simple deployment and retrieval mechanism. This boat is perfect for those who have outgrown the O’Pen Bic and want to move up to double handed sailing with a partner.


Check out these videos of the RS Feva in action…..

It’s an international boat. Check out these young ladies from Croatia

And the European championships in the Czech Republic


Hunter 216

LOA 21’-6”
Beam 7’-11”
Displacement: 1,351 pounds
Ballast: 500 pounds
Sail area: 208 sq. ft.

The Hunter 216 is a new addition to our fleet. She is a wonderful learn to sail boat with a giant cockpit accommodating 6 to 8 kids along with an instructor. She’s designed in the style of a modern ‘sport boat’ with a broad beam, 7/8 rig, open transom and a retractable bow sprit for the asymmetrical spinnaker.


Capri Omega 14

LOA 13’-9”
Beam 5’-8”
Draft 3’-6”
Displacement: 295 pounds
Sail area (main & jib): 108 sq. ft.

The Capri 14 is a fractional sloop-rigged daysailer. She’s all open cockpit and very comfortable and stable for up to 6 sailors. We use the Capri as an introduction to sailing for new sailors. Older, more experienced sailors have the opportunity to sail her alone without an instructor on board (but one is nearby in a coach boat!).