Here are a few of our favorite sources for sailing gear, boat parts, clothing, accessories and education:

Parent Resource Handbook
Click here for everything you need to know to launch your child on a successful and exciting sailing experience.

West Marine
1250 Rosecrans Street
San Diego, CA 92106

Good all-around resource for all things boating. This particular location has a large selection of clothing and shoes.

Sailing Supply / Downwind Marine
2804 Canon Street
San Diego, CA 92106

Sailing supply caters to the dinghy sailor and carries a good supply of technical sailing clothing, accessories and dinghy boat parts.

West Coast Sailing

These folks are in Portland Oregon but operate an extensive on-line store dedicated to dinghy sailors. They are our go-to source for specialty boat parts. Terrific, knowledgeable customer service. Vast selection of sailing apparel.

US Sailing
US Sailing is the national organization responsible for setting the standards by which youth and adult sailing programs operate. Their involvement in instructor training, program management, racing, safety standards and education put them at the center of the sailing world. US Sailing also manages the US Olympic sailing team.