Summer Program Description

Summer Sailing Program 2023

The Junior Sailing Program at Silver Gate Yacht Club [“SGYC JS”] is supported by the Silver Gate Yacht Club Foundation, a 501-C3 non-profit organization with the mission of sponsoring non-profit and charitable events and programs at the club.

SGYC JS provides a full day summer program of sailing instruction and fun at Silver Gate Yacht Club for young sailors from 8 to 16 years of age. The Junior Sailing Program at Silver Gate promotes good sportsmanship, responsibility and a sense of adventure and accomplishment regardless of skill level. Sailors will learn the skills necessary for a lifetime of sailing and boating enjoyment and probably come away with some great friendships too!

This year’s Summer Program will begin on June 19th. We have a fleet of O’Pen Skiffs (formerly O’Pen Bic), Naples Sabots, RS Fevas, RS Zest, a 14 foot Omega and a Hunter 216 keel boat. Use of the SGYC Jr. Sailing fleet of boats is included in the program cost so chartering is not necessary. Our coach/sailor ratio is very low – usually not more than 4 or 5 sailors per coach, which ensures plenty of teaching time and attention.

DATES: Our Summer Program begins on June 19th, and will run in eight, week-long full-day sessions through August 11th. Sailors can participate in any or all the week-long sessions and will receive instruction from certified sailing instructors in basic, intermediate, and advanced sailing skills, navigation and seamanship. Participation in Junior racing activities in San Diego Bay is encouraged for students who wish to explore the competitive side of sailing. Boats and crew berths will be assigned to students by the instructors in accordance with their size, skill level and expressed interest.

Our Summer Program runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:00 p.m. Sailors will receive on-land and on-water instruction. A supervised lunch break will be given. Sailors should bring their lunch and any snacks or preferred drinks.

COST: Cost per week is $455 for SGYC members and $510 for non-members and includes the use of SGYC Jr. Sailing boats. Discounts for early registration by May 1st!! This program is open to all youth aged 8 to 16, and SGYC membership is not required. Pre-registration is required – No walk-ins please.



This class is intended for beginning sailors who are either new to the sport or have had limited prior training and experience. This is also a good class level for those sailors who need a ‘refresher’ on the basic aspects of sailing. The class will include some ‘classroom’ instruction in the mornings followed by on-the-water training. Generally, on the first day or two we conduct instruction in one of our larger keel boats with a small group of kids and an instructor. Kids are moved to individual boats as soon as they demonstrate competency with the basic skills and a willingness to be on their own in a boat.

Level 1 sailors will learn:

  • The parts of the boat and what function they perform.
  • Safety on and off the boat.
  • Basic knots.
  • How the wind acts on the boat.
  • How to determine where the wind is coming from.
  • Rigging the boat.
  • Leaving and returning to the dock.
  • Sailing upwind.
  • Sailing on a reach.
  • Sailing downwind.
  • Tacking the boat.
  • Getting out of irons.
  • Safety position.


This class is intended for intermediate level sailors with two or more years of experience and sailors who feel confident and competent with all the Level 1 skills. Sailors will continue to advance their sailing skills in either a single-handed boat (O’Pen Skiff or Naples Sabot) or a double-handed (two sailors working as a team) boat in our RS Feva or RS Zest boats.

Level 2 sailors will learn:

  • Using telltales to trim the sails.
  • Proper sail trimming for all points of sail.
  • Understanding proper position in the boat & weight transfer.
  • Hiking & proper use of the tiller extension.
  • Efficient up wind sailing.
  • Roll tacking.
  • Controlled gybe.
  • Sailing backwards.
  • Advanced knots.
  • Current, weather and land effects on boat handling.
  • Sailing as a two-person team on a double-handed boat (optional).

CLOTHING: Each sailor should bring two sets of clothing consisting of a T-shirt, shorts or jeans, socks, light windbreaker, change of underwear and rubber-soled shoes (no sandals of flip-flops). Rubber soled diving shoes or water shoes are best for sailing. Bathing suits are acceptable in addition to the above items. All clothes must be in a labeled gym bag or backpack. Juniors are encouraged to supply their own lifejackets/personal floatation device (PFD), but SGYC has loaners available. While on the docks and on the water all sailors must wear a PFD – no exceptions.

Refer to the Parent Resource Guide available on our web site for additional helpful information.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Each sailor must provide a completed medical consent form. Additionally, each sailor is required to complete 25-yard swim verification and be able to tread water for 1 minute without a lifejacket. All on-water activities that junior sailors participate in will be accompanied by instructors in power boats (“coach boats”) for added safety.

TRANSPORTATION: Parents of junior sailors must provide their own transportation to and from SGYC. Ample public parking is available across Shelter Island Drive from the club. Juniors are expected to be picked up by parents or guardians by 4:00p.m. No after-hours supervision will be provided. Juniors under the age of 16 must be met by their parents on SGYC property.

This year’s Summer Program promises to be an exciting, fun and fulfilling experience for anyone from 8 to 16 interested in sailing – and who wouldn’t love to learn sailing in a perfect location like San Diego bay!!

We look forward to seeing you this summer!!