We’re different – and here’s why

  • Very low student to instructor ratio – usually about 4 or 5 kids per instructor.
  • We supply the boats at no extra cost. Many youth sailing programs require that you bring your own boat or charter a boat from them.
  • Full day sessions. Our summer program operates with full-day sessions from 8:30AM to 4:00PM. Most other area programs are half day sessions.
  • Exciting boats. Our fleet of boats includes some of the newest designs in the industry.

rs-fevaThe single handed O’Pen Bic is tremendously popular with the kids.
The RS Feva is new to our fleet this year and provides a great move up option for kids that are outgrowing the Bic or want to move on to double-handed sailing with a crew.
We also have the Naples Sabot – the traditional Southern California learn-to-sail pram.
Our Hunter 216 is a sloop-rigged keel boat with modern sport boat styling. This boat allows us to offer a ‘big boat’ experience to young sailors at any skill level.

Small groups. We limit our weekly groups to about 14 sailors. This ensures we can provide excellent training and supervision which tends to increase safety as well.

Learning to sail a small boat at a young age has been shown to enhance self-esteem and confidence in kids. There is tremendous satisfaction, pride and empowerment that come with learning to sail a small boat on your own. Parents tell us that these positive attributes can play out in their child’s school work and in social settings as well.